The importance of taking a break. A post for Disability History Month

Hello I hope your all well. It’s not long now till Saint Nick comes to call. I just finished all my Christmas shopping which is a relief and a disappointment too.

 I love giving gifts it’s good to be sorted but on the other hand I like picking things. Only have to wrap them now. Wrapping is not my strong point. I blame my dyspraxia for the facts I can never get the stupid sellotape in the right place. Normally mam helps me but I can’t ask her to help wrap her own gift sadly…

One more thing before we move on those of you who saw my last post will be wondering and my gig at Whitley bay library went really well. It really inspired me to keep working and writing. Thanks to Elaine and Sandy for a great night.

Anyway onto the main topic of this post.

Tomorrow is the last day of Disability history month.

This Disability History month is on the theme of Health and Wellbeing. Considering the state the world is in this is now more important than ever. It’s no secret the last few years with the pandemic and the recent cost of living have made us all a bit tense. Which is like saying a tornado in your area “Is a bit of bad weather”

It important that we all look after our mental and physical health. I myself know this from first-hand experience.

My Autism affects me in lots of subtle ways. A lot of the time I feel ok. However I tend to overthink and overanalyse. I feel emotion quite acutely. This makes it hard for me at times to not let my own views affect my judgement.

There have been times in the past where I’ve put far too much pressure on myself both in my job and in my personal life. I could talk forever about both but I will focus on the work aspect today.

I used to put way too much on myself at work.

My role allows me a lot of scope these days to support equality and diversity and help.

This can make me think a lot about what I say and do. A few posts back I said it was even overtaking this blog!!  Recently I have begun to relax more and not put so much on myself.

In the past I’d worry I didn’t do enough that I could have done something better. I’d think about how much I needed to do in the future. I’d worry about potential delay. This was all because I cared. I still do care. However you need switch off too.

Often in the past I have had trouble letting things go. I have asked the same question in different ways to many people instead of waiting for a response. I have overthought emails I’ve sent and have worried I’ve caused offence when I have not. It can I think be challenging for my co-workers if they do not understand why I’m processing things that way.

What has my team done to support me:

My department has done a great deal to support me. They have tailored my workplan to suit my skills. We have taken advice in the past around my skills and comfort areas and how to support me. They listen to me and regularly engage. They have also helped me with ways to track things.

I’ve always found it challenging to switch off. In an ideal world you finish work and you go home. You have your dinner, see your friends or just get on with whatever you need to do that evening like paying bill tiding up. We spend a lot of time at work but its important we make time for yourself. We are more than just employees. We all have dreams and goals not just at work. We need to leave work at work. No matter what your doing or how challenging it is. Once you finish work its your time.

It was often challenging for me personally to do this. As I say I care about things I want too help people. Let me tell you a secret:

It’s not all on you. You can only do your part. So try to take some off that weight off your shoulders. Easier sari than done. I myself carry about a rucksack worth sometimes. But I’m trying.Just do your best work hard by all means. At times work will be challenging there may not always be enough time. You may be tired. However as long as you do your best you have nothing to feel bad about. We are all part of a wider organisation and team. Remember its not all on you

I would like to finish this blog with a few tips. You may not be in work. Maybe your at college or volunteering these tips can still work:

Switch Off: As I said leave work at work. Its not always easy but do try. When you finish work.

Find a hobby or something that makes you happy. This may be harder depending on your role and hours. It is worth it though. It could be reading or walking. Or a book club. Or even just binge watching a comedy. Or seeing a local singer. No matter what your interest even if its only an hour a week. Make time for you. Relax

For me that is my writing and my running club.

Ask for help: If you are genuinely struggling at work or collect  remember its ok to ask for support. If you are having trouble with your workload or if you feel you need more support you must not be afraid to talk. You are a person.

Finally I’d like to end this blog by urging you to speak up this Disability History Health and Wellbeing is so important. It literally affects us all. Its easy to shrug it off to “say I’m fine” but little things build up. If your feeling overwhelmed or like you need more support say something.

Thanks for reading 

Drifting as clouds 3rd November

Hello well tonight blog contains a bit of 
bit of shameless self promotion. I mentioned in my last post a bit of success on the writing front. Writing has always been something Ioved but had trouble knuckling down and finishing. I’ve done open mic before. Been invited to speak at a few events. Generally though I don’t do as much with my work as I should. Fear of failing holds me back as I set in my last post. So the news I’m about to share means a lot to me.

Next Thursday is Drifting With Clouds at 
Whitley Bay Library 7pm
An evening of poetry and prose. With myself and poets Elaine Cusack and Sandy Chadwin
Here are the bio’s

Elaine Cusack:
(I love Elaine. My cousin she is the one who got me into poetry and is one of the nicest people I know)
A well known North East poet and bookseller.
Elaine has been performing poetry, songs, memoir and working as a poet for 40 years. Her work has appeared in various collections and anthologies as well as on national TV and radio. Her recent publications include The Princess of Felling a loving tribute to the town she grew up in. She also has a new pamphlet Sacred Spaces. 

Sandy Chadwin is a local poet, writer and storyteller, often of folk tales which he gives his own unique spin.
He is a regular reader at spoken word events, has published a pamphlet, Strange Dreaming, and often performs as a storyteller, often with folk duo Miggins Fiddle.
(Sandy is really a unique character he has a educated air about him but is always kind and humble. He talks intelligently but is respectful to everyone. He also has a great sense of humour)

Here is my bio for night. (I tried to seem cool)
From South Shields, Ross  is on the spectrum, which gives him a unique view. His poetry is humorous and anecdotal. He has been an invited performer at the following poetry nights Babble Gum, Stanza, Poetry Jam and Newcastle Literary Salon  & most recently Under the arches.
Ross runs the A Line Per Day Facebook group.
Outside of writing he is a keen runner and loves nothing more than to be out and about by the coast where he lives.

So that’s my news.
I am looking forward to it and thanks to Clare McDonald Pepper if she reads this who has workes tirelessly helping us organise it all 😊

I can’t wait for Thursday

Life update

Hello blog 

Long time no speak. No guilt though see my last post.

I’ll keep it brief tonight. Well my version of brief so about the length of a short novella.

Actually I always say it will be brief and it never is I may need to invest in a dictionary.

I’m feeling pretty good right now. Had a week off work and have spent a lovely week with my mam sister and nephew. Meant to blog earlier this week but time flies. I’ll give you the highlights


I’ve gained weight. Yeah not proud of that I’ve lapsed but I’m working on it. I’ve had a bit of a declutter. For mr that is big I find letting go of items hard. Oh I’m using mouth wash daily too as it makes my mouth feel nice.

Ok I’m a boring man 🤣

Next topic.


Things are going well. Work is busy as ever. I’m involved in a lot of projects. I’ve been to a few career events recently for main role. I’m also continuing to do good work around promoting E&D and autism acceptance. A big change has been that I know spent every Monday working with project choice. Project Choice is a specialist college providing  tailored educational support, and a supported internship course for young adults aged 16-24 with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, and/ or Autism. They started in my workplace last year and so far it’s been going very well. I’m greatly enjoying working with them. 

As someone who struggled to enter the world of work and finds the conventional interview and recruitment technique challenging it’s great to see thing like this. I won’t go into my history right now but when I was searching for work things like this were rare.

It’s an honour to support project choice. I see a lot of myself when I was younger in many of the people there. I used to be shyer more withdrawn I feel I can emphasise a bit about how they may be feeling. Obviously the interns are all different but it feels gratifying to help even in a small way with someone’s first steps into the world of work.

 There’ve been a few ups and downs at work too. 

My autism means I’m not always the best at reading the room work wise. I have trouble prioritising at times. It’s hard for me to focus on things I should do at times rather than the things I’m passionate about.

My role involves a lot of tasks I’m passionate about for which I’m grateful but that can never be all you do. At times I’ve over focused on the wrong thing when it could wait. 

 I’ve had to adjust to a busier schedule recently too. I’m travelling more to events and such. Travel is not my favourite thing. I hate relying on public transport. I find it challenging to navigate to new places.

I can do it but it’s harder for me than it is for most. I can’t remember streets names I never could. Also I’ve never been able to read maps. So journey planning for me is harder. Doable but harder. If I have to ring north east and hear “do you know we have an app” I’ll swing. I do now but we can’t all make head nor tail of maps. 

On the whole though I feel good. The things I mentioned are minor. I have bad days and I have good days. I’m learning a lot.  The not so good things I mentioned were related to change. Me adjusting how I worked.

One bit of advice I’d like to give to those on the spectrum reading this is it’s ok to ask for support and be cautious around chance, but you have to listen too.

 I like to work a certain way and that is ok. My work does their best to use my strengths to support me I’m lucky. 

At the same time you have to be open to giving and getting feedback. 

Things change you may not always like what your told but you have to accept it’s the nature of work. I’m not saying don’t assert yourself. If you feel something is unfair do say. If you will struggle to do a new task and need more data ask.

It can feel overwhelming when your giving a new work task. I have felt that.

Often though I find when I get a new task I panic I overthink it. I make obstacles reasons why I can’t do it. Often I simply need to take a step back. Sometimes you genuinely won’t be able or want to do things. That is fine. You have a right to say.  However be honest. Really think about the work task. Is it the task itself or is it the idea of it? Break it down what is it? Can you ask for any support if it takes up a big chunk of your time? Is it really unworkable. It’s amazing how less ominous things can seem after a good night sleep. If you can do it but need support as I said above ask. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Hope that makes sense.

Right I’ve prattled on about work enough. Amazingly I do have a life outside of it. 😊Running:When I last blogged I was approaching the GNR.

I finished the Great North Run with a time of 2:27 in Sep. Not as good a time as last year when route was different but my best time on the regular route. I love the GNR it’s something to focus on in terms of my running but more than that it’s an amazing experience. You see so many people from so many walks of life. Young and old, male and female. Strangers cheer you on and pat you on the back. It’s hard to describe unless you’ve done it. It’s an amazing experience.

You’d think a big race would trigger me. The noise. The crowds. In many ways it can be stressful. But personally it makes me feel proud. I’ve come from a lad who was too nervous to say hello to people or go out alone. Who used to find running even a mile hard. I’m that person and I’m here doing it. It makes me feel good.

I never imagined I’d take to running when first coerced to my first run by my mother.. When I was in my early twenties I’d drag myself to the gym two or three times a week barely burning off one bite off whatever snack I’d last had. As I said you’d think running would trigger me but the opposite is true. Running gives me focus. It’s something with a clear goal and target. Many things in life are uncertain and go on for ages like work, life goals like saving. Running 5k is something you can complete and control. It gets you outside in the air. You meet people too. I’m in a running club I have met some if the nicest people in the world. Running connects people

. I’ve been volunteering at my local parkrun a lot too. I realised when parkrun restarted after being off for two years I’d not volunteered more than five times. I love that parkrun is ran by volunteers. Everyone who is there is there because they want to be. It makes me feel good to help out. 

Writing: My other great way of de-stressing is creative writing. I love how it can allow me to get all my random thoughts off my chest. Often what I write I don’t share some of it is just for me. Idle thoughts. Things on my mind. It feels good though. My trouble is I often don’t follow through with my writing. Sure I write things, poems, prose, short stories. Then I do nothing with it. Or I submit to one place then get down when I hear nothing back.Then I get down that I haven’t done more with my writing. So year it’s a stupid circle.Fear and doubt. “Oh it’s too hard”Not trying in case you fail.I’ve always had a fear of criticism.Off not being any good.I’m proud to say I’ve broke that cycle.

I’ve been trying very hard recently to do more with my writing. I’m not writing every day but I am writing more. I’m also actively putting my work out. Even if I don’t hear back at least I can say I tried.

Actually I’ve got a bit of news on that front which will be in tomorrows blog. So check in then. 

Right that’s it update wise.

Sorry it was a bit all over.Good night 

A blog about erm not blogging…awkward right?


I’ll keep this brief. You may have noticed there was a time I used to blog every week. A lot of my first blog were somewhat humorous . Things like why I snacked so much (how times don’t change)why I hated texts. Trivial stuff that was on my mind. Normally I tried to be humours and also make a point of some sort.

It was good. Fun.  I started sharing my posts with work and got some great feedback. The thing is I began to feel. I had to say something serious each post. Make some grand point. Also I had to blog for important events like autism pride day. I started not blogging so much for fun but because I felt I should. Soon I started not feeling in the mood. Recently most of my posts have been after long gaps and have been for some occasion. Don’t get me wrong they’re good posts (I hope) and reflect how I feel. They are not insincere. But I hardly ever just talk about random stuff on this blog. It feel often like a work blog. I mentioned personal things and projects only in passing.

I mean look at my post for autism pride day I wrote it on my holiday and only mentioned said holiday at start. I had planned a post around my holiday but it felt like work. In fact many posts I started but didn’t write due to thinking “This is too inane.” Or “It hasn’t got a message they can take away” How absurd. I’m not a helpline. I’m a person. I do try to be honest.

I don’t mind using this blog to promote acceptance and awareness of autism and inclusion. If what I say helps someone I am pleased. However it is MY blog. If I want to write a post about a normal day I should. I don’t have to pigeonhole I grand message into each post. It’s ironic that my autism the reason for this blog made me so nervous of saying the wrong thing that I spent less time on this blog. Well enough is enough. From now on I will write what I want when I want. Let the good times roll.😎

(Yes by the way I did write this post the same night I wrote about attending a work thing. I’m aware of the irony)

Newcastle Mela

Hi all hope your well. I’m doing good. Few up’s and downs but on whole I feel ok. Biggest thing on horizon is that I’ve got one week till the Great North Run. Wish me luck. I will be doing a post about that on Tuesday but I will say I’m feeling confident and a bit scared lol.

Anyway onto this post. This bank holiday Monday I was at Newcastle Mela highlighting career opportunities within the nhs. There are over 350 careers
Search NHS jobs to see what is available
Or visit NHS careers and take the career quiz

But what is the Mela you may ask?
Mela is based around Pakistani, Bengali, Indian and other South Asian cultures and is a great chance to experience the music, food and entertainment associated with these cultures.
It’s an amazing experience.
I fully recommend checking it out. Seriously I feel like I cannot do it justice if I’m honest. There was a lady in the stall next to us doing feet and hand painting which was just beautiful. There was a parade at one point. People were so friendly and were sharing news stories I heard so many people greeting each other. The mela makes you realise. People are just people. Ok that sounds dumb. When I was a kid and even a young adult I didn’t really talk to other cultures. I think I was nervous that I would say the wrong sing. It doesn’t matter if someone dresses differently though there still a person. You should not be afraid to interact. That properly makes no sense. Point I was trying to make is we live in a world of many culture and ethnicities. It’s easy to hang out with people like yourself. It’s easy to say you have nothing in common. It’s just not true. That why I love things like Mela. It’ll be back again next year. I urge you to check it out.

#bettertogether#inclusion #mela

Hidden Disability & Neurodiversity are all around show compassion

There’s a young man I see in my home town shields quite often. I saw him today. If you saw him in a crowd you may not even notice him. I don’t know his circumstances but he seems to get about on his own. However when he speaks he is very vocal and loud he goes on tangents. He seems a bit lonely he talks at length about his day. I feel for him I think he might be a bit lonely. It makes me reflect on how lucky I am to have a supportive family and workplace and how easy it would be to get left behind. In my teens I could be just as talkative.

Some people get annoyed with him. They think he is taking too long or doing it on purpose. I think its the old myth rearing it’s head, he doesn’t physically have “the look” the thing those with autism or supposed to have. Which no neurotypical person can explain. Look ha. “You don’t look autustic people” Whenever anyone says this I feel like saying “Really how DOES someone with autism look? Draw me a picture”

I’m not immune to this. So many times as a kid I heard people say about my behaviour “isn’t he a bit old to act light that”. Or as I got older “everyone else gets it” when I didn’t pick something up straight away. Even now I get emotionality overwhelmed. I have habits like biting my knuckle or rubbing my hair under stress. Hidden Condition are real.

“You don’ look autistic” or “You still working” worse “I would never have guessed” ah the old insulting “compliment” eye roll of telling someone how neurotypical they’re appear. Spouted by people who don’t get the that hidden disabilities by their nature are not always outwardly obvious. The world needs to understand this and not make assumptions.

thank you for reading.

Why I take pride in my Autism and you should too

Good day to you all

I’m writing to you all from sunny Crete on my first full day of holiday. My first abroad in two years. It gorgeous. I am writing this after lunch so sorry if it not as long as usual.

Right to business 🧐

Today the 18th June is Autism Pride day.

A day for Autistic people to celebrate their Autism and identity.

Starting in 2018 this day is influenced by the main pride event. Autism is something no one should have to hide. Many Autistic people mask meaning to repress their traits and appear neurotypical. This is wrong. We all have the right to be ourselves to express ourself. My own autism gives me a sense of empathy and compassion. I often overprocess and overthink. I find adapting hard. So I try to treat other with kindness and empathy.

We’re all different 

Famous Autism advocate Chris Packham says there is no typical Autistic person and it’s true we are all unique. Don’t try to put us in boxes let us process and think in our own ways. 

I can genuinely say that my autism is something I would not change. Even if it were possible I’d be offended. I hear from many people who are diagnosed later in life I was lucky to be diagnosed at a fairly young age as my parents worked very hard to do so. I literally have always been aware of my autism. It’s as much a part of me as my taste’s in food or my hair colour. It gives me strength. In a odd way even the things that cause me anxiety such as having trouble asserting myself and needing more processing time and misreading social cues have had their good side. Yes these things are not nice. They do make me empathetic though. I try to be patient and kind with others to show empathy because I understand myself how they feel. For example recently I got a string of private messages of someone followed by one after I replied saying sorry got carried away. Most people might not have been nice here I get it. I do the same.

People often remark how mature I am. I have to laugh. In a way it’s true. On a good day I’m very sensible I come across well. On a bad day….I still find myself overwhelmed at times over processing. I worry, worry should I do that, could that have been better? Should I go back and do that again. I’m constantly re-assuring myself your a nice guy your doing good. But my brain is determined to find a fault in what I do. On a good day I keep busy I can squash bad thoughts. I keep busy. On a bad day it can be anything. A late bus,a bad nights sleep a rude person. Little things can cause major ripples in my mood. These are days when I’m triggered more. I can cope with changes to my routine but if they come on a day when I’m already feeling self conscious that when I find it harder. On those days I mumble and mutter to myself fidget with my hair. I often need to take a walk listen to something clear my head .

It’s days like this I’m tempted to over eat. Food solves all problems for five minutes. Then shame why did I do that?

The reason I’m telling you all this is on a good day you would think I had not a care in the world. Autism is a Hidden Disability never forget that.

Even everything I’ve told you about my inner anxieties you may ask am I really proud to be autistic? Yes 100% Without my autism I’d be less kind. Less compassionate. Less curious. I’d never do the extra bit to help. Plus on a slightly selfish note it makes me appreciate things more. I love reading and writing. I could not read till I was eight or nine. Would a love of reading still be true for me without the effort? Perhaps. But I think not.

Most importantly I am proud of me. My autism is part of me. It’s not a separate thing. I’m proud of myself. You should be too. 

To those with autism reading this. I would like to offer you all some advice. Some Autistic people find certain things harder. It does not mean we are incapable. In a ideal world we’d all be treated with consideration. As we know that is not the case. I’m sure you have all heard “This might not be right fit you” as a way to shoot down a idea or “this means” presuming a lack of knowledge without asking. People like this or everywhere. Neighbour, teachers. People who think they are experts. Not that I’m adverse to good advice and guidance. But that isn’t this. It’s more like “ hush I know your mind better than you” these people are infuriating. I know it’s hard but try not to waste anger on them. Easier said than done. Most of my teachers were lovely. With one exception one teacher wanted everyone to learn in the same way. Haters me asking questions. Made me doubt myself. Feel stupid. I do not like this person. I have done so much since then though. Why should I think of them?

Life is to short and we have much better things to do. What you should do is not listen to them. Prove them wrong persevere. Believe in yourself. Of course it won’t always be easy but you need to try.  If your lucky you will have a a good support network of family and friends

If not I believe in you, be yourself . Remember the people who put you down are petty and small. They want to feel big. Ultimately they don’t matter. You do.

If I might be just a bit pretentious. (Sorry it’s my blog) I’d like to share a poem I wrote last year. This explains a bit more what I’m trying to say. By the way poetry is what some people said I could not do. 

A poem for Autism Pride day


I am Autistic 

I’m not a statistic 

I am not a way for you  to score a point 

I am not a novelty 

Don’t ask me constantly if I understand 

Don’t assume what I know or what I’ll be able 

to do

Get to know me and you’ll see

Let me tell YOU about me

I am imaginative. Bold and kind 

I always get the last word (ok that might be just in my mind)

I am creative

I see things a different way

That doesn’t mean I don’t deserve a say

We’re all people at the end of the day 

Thank you all for reading. 

Learn more about autism pride day here:

and here

Learn about the language of Autism here


How I destress a late post for Mental Health Awareness week

Good evening last week was Mental Health awareness week. The theme this week was loneliness.

I have the utmost sympathy for those that feel acute loneliness and isolation. I will not try to speak for them as I can’t. I hope I would be able to talk to and emphasise though.

Even if it’s not as acute I think we all feel this to some extent. We all  have times where we feel we’re losing touch with people we used to be close too or that we are not understood. 

These things happen life is busy.  We all have things going on. It’s easy to hurt without even meaning too.

Which is why I try to have time for people. It’s not always easy. I’m human too sometimes I’m tired or in a bad mood myself. Sometimes I want some me time. I try though to be available and kind. 

It’s important to look after your own mental health. One of the ways I do this is by having things to focus on. Not things you have to do like work or doing housework. Stuff you enjoy.

Like listening to music. Playing sports. Online gaming. Artwork. Everyone is different.

It’s important to have interests. It may sound simple and I know not everyone has the luxury of time. If you can try and carve out at least hour a week for yourself. It may not be much but we all work hard. 

I’m going to share two ways I calm myself:

Writhing and reading:

 I’ve always overthought things. Books and stories let me get out of my head. Reading for has me always felt like a door. It lets you see into another world. How someone else lives. It makes you re-examine yourself and what you take for granted. A good story can genuinely expand you mind. Teach you how do appreciate more of life. 
It can also be tremendous fun. You can have adventure see in your mind a million places.

Some stories make you laugh your head off

Example:Google Tom Holt after this that’s an order. I recommend Only Human by him.

I don’t just read though. I write to and then make people listen to it at open mic nights. I must be stopped!!! Was this blog not enough for me…. Jokes aside 
Why do I write? 
I write because I enjoy it. No deeper reason. That may not be profound but it’s true. If I did not enjoy writing I would stop. When I write there are no limits. I can make new worlds, new people. I can get things off my chest. Let out what I feel. Many a poem has started off based on a need to let a frustration out. A good bit of writing can make me feel hope.  I will always write. 

Running: My second big way of calming down is running. People have a misconception about running that you have to be really fit or in training for a big event. That is not true.

It’s great. It get you outside in the fresh air. It releases built up energy. Running is something everyone can do. People say “I’m not a runner” no one is till they start. Running is very much a community for many now. In my running club we encourage each other, we urge each other to do our best. We also joke around we have some friendly competitiveness. It’s nice. Some will say so just run alone. I don’t need a group.

Most people don’t get how good it feels to run people in the group do. When you beat your personal best for a route. When your stamina and speed gets better. Or when you have a bad day, when you gain weigh or have gramp how a kind word can make all the difference.

Running alone is harder. You have to be disciplined, motivate yourself. Being with others helps. It’s easy to criticise yourself but with others you realise your doing ok.

So those are two ways I destress. Due to my autism I tend to have trouble disengaging so these thing keep me grounded. They let me let myself back in. 

Warning though don’t take hobbies as far as you want. Don’t be pressured. Especially by yourself!!! When you run with others don’t drive yourself mad trying to beat others or obsess over your times. Sure it’s fun to try and improve your speed on some races it’s a challenge it makes you eat healthier focus. It’s good but don’t go around obsessing over it. Then your replacing one stress for another.

Actually come to that same with reading no self imposed deadlines. Trust me I used to do these. Just enjoy your hobbies.

I’m aware I only focused on my hobbies here but whatever your interest do it for you.

Thanks for reading 

Equality and Human Right week and staff network day

Hello hope your well.

I’m good been keeping fairly busy.

Sorry for not blogging in a while.

Been fairly busy both in and out of work.

Got a lot of work projects on the go.

Out of work I’m still running a lot.

I decided to try and do more races this year as well as GNR as part of my training. Tomorrow I’m doing Sunderland strollers pier to pier and I have a few more races booked in.

Also had few birthday recently my little nephew turned six which made me feel really old. I was unwell in April but other than that I can’t really complain. Right onto the main post:

This week is  Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week a time to celebrate  to showcase the amazing work going on in healthcare care on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Learn more here.

As a Autistic person I at times can find work more challenging than my peers. It can feel at times like a lot to process. It’s little things a lot of the time. I have difficulty at times knowing when I am talking too much. Sometimes I will become aware and acknowledge it.

Other times I will happily talk for ages without pause. It can depend on my mood. Another way my Autism affects me is how I process data. I work best without interruption. One thing at a time. I find it very hard to ignore things like notifications on teams and emails. Most people can naturally prioritise. Say right I’m doing this now. That can wait. I find that hard. To give more context take email I hate having a full inbox. I dread coming back to work from leave as I fear how many communications I will get.

It’s not coming back to work or the work I dread it’s the processing of all that text. It’s not that the messages I get are hard or difficult to deal with. They’re mainly not. It’s the unknown. I just hate the thought of how many there will be and what they will be. It’s never as bad as I think but it makes me more anxious than most after a few days off. I worry about looking rude for not responding, I worry about bad news stuff I should have done. Of course I check my emails after a week off and it’s always ok.

I’m getting better at thud now. It’s only a mild concern now. The point is most people wouldn’t feel this way. This is just me but everyone works differently.

We have many staff with different needs in my trust all deserve consideration and  the right to work equally. When someone has different ways of processing many other workplaces  do not make an effort to understand people. My trust works very hard to do just that.

Everyone’s contribution count is one of my trust’s core values.

One of the ways my trust supports it’s staff is through our staff networks.

Wednesday was National Staff Networks Day a day to shine a light on and recognise the multiple benefits that staff networks can offer. 

You can learn about the national day here:

I am very proud to work for a trust that supports its workforce. I am involve in my work place Autism network. Networks exist to help and support people within groups often with protected characteristics and to give them a voice to speak their mind in a safe space. Most importantly to let people know they’re not alone. It’s easy to think only you feel a certain way. It’s comforting at times just to talk and be listened too.

I’ve learned so much in our trust network met so many people. I learnt things I didn’t even consider might be relevant. I would never claim to have all the answers far from it. At least I can try to help though. Whoever you are wherever you work one last bit of advice. Don’t stop trying.

Things may never be perfect but we try. If you don’t know what to say or do, ask and listen. Understanding and  empathy goes a long way.

Right if you’ve read all this thanks.

I’m off to bed now got that big race I mentioned at start tomorrow. Wish me luck 

Autism Acceptance Week and Autism Awareness Day

Hi all

Today is a special day. My birthday. Kidding.

Well it IS my birthday. But I’m not here to wrangle free gift 🎁🎁 (or am I evil laugh)

Ok onto the serious stuff. Today is Autism Awareness day. An day to recognise and celebrate Autism

To understand those on the spectrum and help make a better world.

However whilst awareness is good.

It’s not the most important thing.

Many of those  on the spectrum have experienced feeling self conscious or mask their traits to appear more neurotypical.

Don’t get me wrong. Raising awareness is important. There are many ignorant people and we should try to build a better world.

However autistic people are still people.

Take me I like running. Poetry. Obscure comedy and sci fi shows. Sometimes we just want to be without having to explain.

We want to be us.

Just like any person.

Whilst it is important that people understand autism. What those on the spectrum truly want is acceptance. To be ourselves. 

For other to understand.

This week is has also been Autism Acceptance week.

I encourage you if your on the spectrum be happy with yourself. Your interests. Don’t try to be what others feel you should be. Be you.

I recommend reading the below site too it has some great advice.

Sorry this has been a relatively short blog 

Hey it’s my birthday 😉

Thanks for reading 

Happy Autism Acceptance Week